If you have any questions about Charts and Scores then this is the place to be!

What Charts can I get?

You can purchase any chart listed on this website simply by clicking on the chart name and then selecting “add to cart”. You can then checkout and pay for your chart via PayPal.

There are lots of different charts available. Clicking on a chart name will give you information about each chart. So for example what instruments you will get with each chart. If you purchase a horn chart you won’t get a part for drums or keyboard!

If a chart you want isn’t listed send us a message and we will give you a quote for the transcription. This is mainly how our site grows so please place an order so you can help out others in the future, they’ve done the same for you before 🙂

The types of charts we sell are listed on the homepage. They include, Horn Section Charts, Keyboard Charts and Rhythm Section Charts.

How Much Does it Cost?

Charts we have already transcribed are listed on the website and are priced as follows.

Horn charts and keyboard charts are £0.50 per page for the PDF files and £1 per page for the PDF and Sibelius files. Click on a chart to find out how much it costs.

Rhythm section charts are £1 per page for the PDF files and £2 per page for the PDF and Sibelius files.

Custom and bespoke transcriptions start from £20 for a three part horn chart arrangement. Price depends on how many parts you need, the length and difficulty of the song and the estimated time it will take to transcribe.

When and How Do I Get Charts?

If you have purchased one of the charts on the website you will be sent an email confirmation with links to download. You can also find your charts in the “My Downloads” section of your account.

If for any reason you don’t get these emails we will get your charts to you within 24 hours.

The Links to my Charts aren’t Working.

If for any reason your links in the email you receive are not working then please visit your account and go to the “My Downloads” section where you will be able to get your charts from there. They will appear in your account for 24 hours after purchase.

If you’ve missed the deadline then please send us a message so we can get your charts out to you.

How Do I Pay for Charts?

Payment is via PayPal. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to make payment. At checkout you will be redirected to a PayPal payment page. Once you have completed payment your charts will be ready for you.

How Long Do Custom/Bespoke Arrangements Take?

This really depends on the size of the project. For a standard exact transcription of a song, horn charts can generally be done the same day, time permitting. Always ask for timescales.

For larger projects and rhythm section work this can take longer. Rhythm section charts generally take around two days or more to have ready.

We pride ourselves on a fast, efficient and accurate service so we will get charts out to you as quickly as we can.

I’m Not From The UK, Can I Still Buy Charts?

You can buy these charts from anywhere in the world. We have helped customers from all over the world get the charts they need. Including as far away as Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Mexico, South America, Asia and of course the UK and Europe.

How Much are Charts in my Currency?

The toolbar to the right contains a currency converter where you can check how much charts will be in your currency. Prices are taken from Google. The exact amount you pay may vary slightly due to market conditions, please don’t take it as an exact amount, it is meant as a guide only to help you.

When Can I Get Charts?

You can buy ready made charts any time of the day or night and download them instantly from the website or by clicking on the links in the email we send you.

Where Can I Find a List of Charts?

All charts are listed in their relevant sections. Alternatively use the links below to find the charts you need. Once you’re on the page, scroll down to find the lists.

Horn Charts

Keyboard Charts

Rhythm Section and Full Band Charts

What Music Notation Software Do You Use?

We use Sibelius 6. If you have an earlier version of Sibelius and have purchased Sibelius Files we will send you files that will work with your version at no extra cost. Just get in touch with us and we will try and do it the same day.

I Don’t Have Sibelius, Can I Still Buy Files for Finale, Musescore etc.?

Yes, we can send you XML files instead of Sibelius files. XML files will work on any other music notation program. Most of the notation, articulations and text will be saved in these files although there will be some details specific to Sibelius that can be lost when saving as an XML. Don’t worry though, you will still get all the notes and the original PDF files when you purchase.

How do I change the quantity in the shopping cart?

You should only ever need to buy one of each product. If the cart displays more than one at checkout please click on “Clear Cart” which should be towards the bottom left hand corner on desktop machines. Please scroll down on mobile devices to find the option.

If you have any further questions please email admin@chartsandscores.com or send a message using the contact form to the right of this page.