Entire Horn Chart Sibelius and PDF File Library for £75 Offer (Normally £326)


IMPORTANT: When buying these charts you will receive over 100 charts for horn sections. Rhythm section parts can be found on our Rhythm Section page!   You can buy every single horn chart on this site including the original Sibelius and PDF files! If you bought these files individually they would cost over £350! You’ll be able to do everything listed below without asking us!

  • Key changes
  • Instrumentation revisions
  • Song Structure adjustment
  • Rhythm changes
  • Notation revisions
  • Print out your own parts
  • and many more!

To see the full list of charts go to the Horn Charts page


If you’re really not sure about whether to buy this package or not and you’re worried about the cost then THINK like this. HUNDREDS of hours of work has gone into making this package.

The £75 price doesn’t modestly cover the cost of writing up these charts and buying them individually would cost you £326!.

These charts are ACCURATE and CLEAR. You are saving yourself TIME and MONEY by purchasing this package.

You will have these files FOREVER even if you delete them by mistake we will send them out to you again and you’ll ALWAYS have technical support from us.

You will be able to play with most function bands without worrying about the notes, it makes you far more EMPLOYABLE. This will serve you for an entire playing career.

It won’t wear out like a book or hard copy. So really this is an investment not just in the music but in YOURSELF and your FUTURE music making CAREER whatever level you are at.

Imagine a set list being sent out to you, you look at it and don’t know many of the tunes. The great news is that this package WILL get you through almost any covers gig. The songs it contains are all being used in function and cover bands today.

Be confident that any players you get in to cover you for a gig will do a GREAT job because you’ve done everything you can to make sure they’re going to play well by providing good charts. They will thank you for it and you might even get MORE gigs as a result.

If you’re still unsure and you can’t make a decision, remember, not making a decision is making a decision in itself. This package WILL add value to your playing and will give you the confidence to accept MORE gigs and NAIL them.

Any product that can add that much VALUE to you is worth it. In fact, you shouldn’t even be undecided. At DOUBLE the price this package would still be a bargain. So, don’t wait around any more.

Be PREPARED for every gig and get your hands on EVERY Sibelius file horn chart on this website, that’s over 100 charts and it saves you over £275 off of the normal cost. That is AMAZING value. You will be glad you did!

For any further questions send an email to: admin@chartsandscores.com