Sample Charts & Demo’s

On this page you’ll get to see some of the charts we have for sale. We want you to have total peace of mind when purchasing charts form us so we think it’s only fair you get to have a sneak peak.

Why not have a listen to live performances of some of our charts? Below you can view YouTube clips of a live performance by function band Brando containing our horn charts and in a the second video you’ll see some Disney songs we arranged for pit band. Just a small example of our work.

If you’re not sure about purchasing and you want to look at some charts to make your final decision then here’s the place to check it out! The charts we have on show are for the full horn section. Two samples include a full score for rhythm section horns and vocals. When you purchase charts you will also get individual instrument charts as part of your purchase.

We think you’ll agree all the horn charts and rhythm section charts here are top quality, have a look at the first page samples below.

Charts and Scores Sample Charts

Every PDF and SIBELIUS Horn Chart
Saves you OVER £250!
Saves you time.
Make as many changes as you like with the Sibelius files
Over 100 charts available.
Ten PDF Charts for £10
Ten PDF charts for £10!
Pick the charts you want.
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Great value.
Ten SIBELIUS and PDF Charts for £15
Ten SIbelius and PDF charts for £15
Pick the charts you want.
Instant Download.
Money and time saver!
Every Rhythm Section Chart on this website
PDF and Sibelius Files Included
Saves you £1500 off normal price
£7 per chart average. Bargain!
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