Here you can see all of our special offers in one place!

Rhythm Section Sibelius File Offer

  • Buy Every Rhythm Section Chart on this website, including all charts in our back catalogue for £597 (Normally £2097)
  • You get all rhythm section parts with vocals and horns plus the PDF and Sibelius files.
  • 70%+ discount off individual chart price.

Horn Chart Sibelius File Offer

  • Buy every horn chart in Sibelius format for £75 (normally £326).
  • Make as many changes as you like any time you like!

Horn Chart £50 Offer

  • Buy every horn chart on this site for £50!
  • It works out at less than 75p a chart.
  • Files are in PDF format.

Ten PDF Charts for £10

  • Buy any ten PDF charts on the site for £10.
  • at £1 a chart you’re making big savings!

Ten SIBELIUS Charts for £15

  • Buy any ten SIBELIUS charts on the site for £15.
  • working out at £1.50 a chart, this is even better value than the PDF offer!

Bruno Mars Horn Chart Bundle

SIbelius Files Available for Download

  • All horn charts can now be downloaded with Sibelius Files.
  • Select the Sibelius file option in the product screen.
  • Prices are £1 per page, an absolute bargain.

Three for Two on Custom Charts

  • Order three custom charts and get the third free.
  • Savings upwards of £20!
  • Charts emailed out as soon as they’re finished along with a SIbelius file absolutely free!
  • Contact us on admin@chartsandscores.com for a custom chart quote.
  • Three charts MUST be ordered at the same time to qualify for discount.