Shake it Off Horn Parts Now Available

A three part horn chart of Shake it Off by Taylor Swift is now ready for download. This is a great chart for horn players and really adds that vital extra element to the arrangement. Why not add one of the most popular tunes from Taylor Swift to your set list? It’s sure to go down a storm at any event you play it at.

Our arrangement is for Trumpet, Tenor Sax and Trombone. If you’d like another setup then please send us a message and we will get straight back to you.

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Here’s the video of Taylor Swift doing her thing. Enjoy!

“We Can Work it Out” Funky Cover by Chaka Khan is Here!

For today and tomorrow we’re adding two Chaka Khan songs. Today’s song is We Can Work it Out. Yes, Chaka Khan has covered Stevie Wonder’s great classic tune and you wouldn’t believe how funky it is. You really need to hear it, you’ll instantly love it too!

We’ve arranged it for two Trumpets, Trombone and Tenor Sax. It’s very big and is gonna take a little work to nail, it’s quite tricky. We hope your lead trumpet player likes playing high notes!

Why not get this song as part of our £75 Every Horn Chart We Have offer. You give us £75 and we give you every horn chart on the website in SIBELIUS format, now well over 100 horn charts for less than 75p each. It’s an absolute MUST have!

Here’s Chaka Khan absolutely nailing We Can Work it Out!

“Wrap it Up” by Sam & Dave added to Charts and Scores!

Today we’re adding “Wrap it Up” by Sam & Dave to our horn chart library. What a great soulful tune this is and a little off the beaten track too. It would certainly make your set stand out.

We’ve arranged it for three horns, Trumpet, Tenor Sax and Trombone and it sounds big and phat, wonderful!

We loved writing this tune out and we hope you love it too.

Why not buy this chart as part of our £75 package. You’ll get every horn chart on the site (over 100!) for £75. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link and make that purchase today!

Here’s a clip of Sam & Dave doing their thing, this is what we transcribed, enjoy!

I Heard it Through the Grapevine that the Horn Charts are here!

Great news, our latest new horn chart is Heard it Through the Grapevine by Marvyn Gaye.

It’s our usual four part arrangement for trumpet, alto and tenor sax and trombone. This chart has been on the site for a while as a keyboard chart but so many of you asked about the horn chart for this one we had to add it to the collection.

We’ve transcribed the string parts from the original into our horn parts. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did transcribing it for you.

Please also don’t forget about our discounted Sibelius file package. You get all of the horn charts on this website for just £75, saving you a whopping £255!

Here’s Marvyn doing his thing…

Jason Mraz Makes His Debut on Charts and Scores With Make it Mine!

It’s about time we had some Jason Mraz on here so here’s Make it Mine.

This song contains some really well written horn lines that perfectly complement the rest of the song. Don’t be fooled though, they’re quite tricky to play!

We’ve had to expand our usual arrangement to five horns to accommodate the Bari Sax too! Also we’ve written out the Trombone solo note for note so you can just relax and get on with playing the chart, and what a great chart it is!

You can get this as part of the Ten Charts for £10 bundle or maybe even the Every PDF Horn Chart for £50, which is now working out at about 50p a chart, that is absolutely amazing value. Don’t miss out!

Here’s Jason Mraz and Make it Mine!

Make it Mine – Full Band

Make it Mine – Full Band

Song: Make it Mine Artist: Jason Mraz Version: Original Key: E Parts: Drums, Keyboard, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals x2, Lead Vocal, Trumpet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Bari Sax Pages: 15 Continue reading Make it Mine – Full Band